Painting process

I describe here a process that is very individual and personal and can give a feeling for what a joint finding process can look like in implementation.


On October 6, 2021, Sabine B. sent me her floor plan. This I need, plus date of birth, time of birth, place, full name for the consultation with Spiritual Feng Shui. This is only marginally discussed in this description, because at that time the desire already existed to design/paint the bedroom beautifully.

On October 10, 2021, I come to the inspection to feel the room, measure and photograph, conversation.

The first thought that comes to Sabine B. when I ask what she wants: flying swans.

At home, I search the Internet for flying swans that I like and try to create a small draft of how they might look in the room. Only blue sky as background I don't like, so I look for inspiration for a structure as background.

I use photos for inspiration. Also to show an idea. In the implementation I would deal with it freely and be guided by my intuition, in consultation of course.

I asked Sabine to send me images/photos via social media that touch her.

I like that, to feel out my clients. It is not about the wall to be designed.

Quite freely, what do you encounter in everyday life, what touches you?

This made for a really nice series of pictures and an inspiring exchange. And then about 2 weeks later Sabine woke up with a dream. She dreamed of the Inner Earth, the dragons, how they form a circle around the Earth. "I feel so much new, old knowledge. Connected and anchored in the cells. Everything is opening up inside me. It's like I'm merging. I would also like a dragon on the wall please - not one to fear."

I immediately went into resonance. Wow how beautiful ... gladly, I wrote back.

Now I am looking for inspiration for dragons. I have never painted a dragon before,

and I have the feeling that it should look neither scary, nor kitschy, not childish or fantasy.

So we sent dragon pictures back and forth. Yes ... no ... a bit like this ....

and then she likes one picture best. It quickly becomes clear, it should be a blue dragon.

Now blue fits well in the north. The room is in the north.

Sabine does the water element / blue very well , I can see about the analysis with Spiritual Feng Shui. Water stands for willpower, vitality and resourcefulness.

And water nourishes wood / green.  Wood stands for new impulses and ideas.

Now I know that I will create the room in green-blue, with shimmering colors and pearly white for metal

Metal - nourishes water.

Metal stands for creativity, action and joy.


Hummingbirds are, by their shimmering colorful plumage, a good way to add colorful accents in to bring the wall design.

They symbolize in different cultures: zest for life, perseverance, continuity, joy, freedom, prosperity and happiness, a messenger between the two worlds, a messenger of the angels.

So what does it mean when you see a hummingbird?  Hummingbirds mean that we should expect love, joy and happiness.

Sabine likes this right away.

I doodle and paint a small design, a blue dragon designed from a circle, (in her dream the dragons circled the earth) with hummingbirds and a second circle over the bed, maybe with sacred geometry like the flower of life???

Unfortunately the flying swans don't fit in anymore.

Until the realization now passes some time until it fits for both of us.

It also means that Sabine can't sleep in her bedroom during this time. One of her mattresses now moves into her study for the entire time of my work.

On 10.1.2022 I start on site. Sabine has taken the wallpaper off in advance.

This day is filled with packing my materials in the studio, (I had put them together beforehand), driving to Sabine, setting up the workspace, taping off, covering the floor to protect surfaces from paint splatters.

I don't like to do that so much, but I do it very thoroughly.

I feel the old, heavy energy in the room, and do a thorough energetic fumigation to clear the energies, the old ones that are no longer useful I send out, and the energies that are desired I ask in.

Now it begins. I DEVELOP THE PAINTING DIRECTLY IN THE ROOM. Thank you for your trust Sabine. For this I draw a large circle where I paint the dragon and a few circles in the middle of the slope to find out which size fits. I matched the diameters to her life number.

I'm thinking, what could the background be? A misty landscape? That's quickly looking like fantasy. I like the idea that it could look like an old fabric, something woven.

Sabine has dark red patterned curtains with spirals that she would like to keep. How can I make a connection there? I can think of ferns that grow in spirals when they are young and also fit well with the dragon theme because they are also old.

I collect pictures on the net as inspiration and discuss this with Sabine.

Pictures of misty landscape, fern, fabric ect.

Now I paint the background and put ferns and leaves.

Every day I draw a card from the power animal oracle by Jeanne Ruland.

This gives beautiful impulses for the day.

I make sure to connect regularly with myself, the earth and the cosmos.

And to align myself with clarity and love for painting.

Now it also becomes clearer and clearer that a symbolism such as a flower of life in the circle of slants does not fit and becomes too much. The empty circle inspires to paint a full moon.

Sabine, seeing the first colored leaves, wishes for a canopy of leaves.

We dance happily together in the room.

This brings in beautiful and joyful energy.

I continue to paint the dragon and the hummingbirds take more and more shape.

They shimmer, just like the leaves, depending on the light mood.

Slowly an indescribable magic arises in the room.

Dragonflies join them

Dragonfly in English, and ambassador from Atlantis, writes Jeanne Ruland

Also, the dragon is clearly a young dragoness. Sabine baptizes her Elianna.

I dedicate the last days completely to her and the moon.

And the window side I paint in the technique of the background, once vertically, once horizontally with pearl white, which weaves itself left of the window into the picture.

05.02.2022, 15 days I have painted. It is done. Remove all the covers, vacuum, put the bed in the right place, what a joy to see the finished room.

I'm glad if you enjoy reading and feel like getting involved in a process together.


Letter from Sabine:

Dear SusanDear Susanna,

24 hours have passed since you officially handed over my room to me and packed your miracle paints, miracle brushes and millions of buckets into the car.

I am so thrilled with the result of your work that I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the process and the magical result in writing as well.

We have only known each other since the summer of 2021, and the way you told me about what you were doing made me curious and then led to the cautious question of whether you would also design a wall for me. 

My theme behind treating myself and asking a professional was activated. After we talked about it, there was no doubt. Your question about what I want for my room, how I want to feel in it was already the first "challenge" - what do I want?


But then things took off. As it sometimes happens, a chance find had immediately moved me to tears: it was about the dragons in the earth and the dragons flying around the earth and awakening - unfolding their dragon energy - powerful and just.

For me, surprisingly, it was quickly clear that it had to be a dragon. Phenomenal by my standards, as I am notorious for questioning all decisions several times. We looked at many dragons together and let our feelings speak for themselves.


You guided me through this process with your knowledge and empathy so that I could figure out what I wanted without effort. A canopy of leaves under which I lie and through which the moon shines. How I want to feel in my bedroom. A feeling of cave, lovingly guarded and also encouraged by a magical being. After a while it turned out to be a dragoness. When you asked me what her name should be, I was able to go along with it. Now her name is Elianna. Such a space had opened up that the name came to me immediately and without a doubt. 


Whenever I came into the room, I had to smile. It was nice to see that you also enjoyed it. Your knowledge of spiritual Feng Shui, your feeling for the room, the house and for my situation really made the whole thing something I can't even name. A work of art yes, but ... The atmosphere has changed completely: from a rather functional bedroom into my personal cave, where I find peace, feel safe. Also the little girl in me is happy about the nice company of Elianna and the enchanting hummingbirds. AND what the silver moon over the bed will bring remains to be seen. Anyway, the spiritual meaning we found was beautiful.


Almost nothing of the powerful action in the room was noticed in the rest of the house. No dirt, no sink splattered all over after washing out the brush, no whining about how hard it all is. 

The paints are almost odorless. I also enjoyed our meal together and dancing in between. 

Funny I found that my 2 year old granddaughter during the "painting time" has often demanded a video phone call "Grandma, will you show me the kite".

Dear Susanna, this was truly a fantastic experience and I realize as I write this that I can't put it into words very well, nor has everything that moved during this time had its full impact yet. I wish you all the best and that you can go out into the world with your wonderful abilities and that many people may have such an experience as I did.

Thank you Thank you 

I hug you



now came 3 days later still another supplement:

I have now thought of something else about the effect of the room: Yes, I can really sleep better.

The room works magic: Sometimes I feel as if I am coming in, into my protected space.

And sometimes it feels like I'm coming out of my functioning life into a magical forest.

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