Spiritual Feng Shui

What is Spiritual Feng Shui?

Interior design has a great impact on us and our quality of life since we spend so much time  indoors. People are at the centre of Spiritual Feng Shui. We do not live where we live by  chance. Our living situation is the expression of our inner being. As inside so outside. You  can read a floor plan like a horoscope. Since we and ultimately everything is energy, we can  change by changes in the outside in our inner. If we change our environment, we increase  our own energy field and can find a happier, more successful and fulfilled life. In the counselling it is about finding solutions that change the desired to the positive. It enables you  to recognize your inner self on the outside. The consultation takes place on the level of  consciousness. It will enable you to consciously reshape your life. Often it is only small  changes, with great effect. I work largely with your existing interior. You will be amazed.

I work, if desired, with the geopathic interference fields, water veins, faults etc, to recognize  and balance them. I find it useful to look where we spend a lot of time, in bed, at the desk,  wherever you spend a lot of time. 


Spiritual Feng Shui serves:

  • the consciousness
  • to discover your potentials
  • self-confidence
  • to recognize their life task


Spiritual Feng Shui supports:

  • the partnership
  • health
  • creativity
  • their retationship with the family
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