Artistic wall painting and design

Mural painting with me:
I make your apartment a home

A warm welcome to you.
You seem to be in search of art.
You wish for more color in your life.
You know about the effect of colors and textures in space.
You love it exclusive, unique and individual.
Then you are right here!

My special way of working ...
... has grown over many years. 

Fashion Design - Free Art - Clay Building - Theatrical Painting - Film Painting - Interior  Design - Wall Painting - Spiritual Feng Shui are the foundations for what I do now with love.  Art merges with craft and energetic work. 

Personal contact and sensing your energy and desires support my work in a wonderful way.  When I have connected with them, my creative process begins.

You get from me ...

a unique experience - the exciting creative process from the wish to the finished work of art. an energetically healed and harmonized space,
a wonderful new feeling of space, a touch of luxury. 

Painting projects


Here you can see a small selection of my projects.

Painting process

Spiritual Feng Shui

Interior design has a great impact on us and our quality of life since we spend so much time indoors. People are at the centre of Spiritual Feng Shui. 
Our living situation is the expression of our inner being
Are you planning a renovation, a new building, a bar, a restaurant or are you looking for something special for your private rooms?

Address your request to:
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